The corona virus, which originated in China, has affected many cities.


The virus has also been seen in some European and American countries, except China. The World Health Organization announced yesterday that it has declared a state of emergency for the virus. In this context, very strict measures are being taken in conjunction with health experts and authorities. Citizens, especially those in China, are banned from traveling without masks.The Chinese government decided to take precautions with the Drone for the corona virus.

Chinese government to issue warning with Drone for Corona virus

Along with referrals from health experts, precautions are being taken for the corona virus in many cities. It is especially important that citizens wear masks. For citizens who do not wear masks in open spaces and in public, criminal sanctions are imposed. The Chinese government, which has increased its measures for the virus, is monitoring its citizens by Drone.

The study, which was launched to monitor and alert citizens who are not wearing masks by Drone, is being carried out by paramedics. Citizens travelling in open spaces without wearing masks are spotted by Drone. Then the citizens are warned. The government, which wants to cut the rate at which the virus spreads, could also resort to stricter rules if the process continues to escalate.

Operation Koca Yusuf, which was recently launched to rescue Turkish and Azerbaijani citizens in China, was also successful. The 48 people rescued from China will remain under hospital supervision for about 2 weeks. After the 2-week process, those who have not been identified will be released.