Takeaway subtleties: gold-worth recommendations to restaurant and café operators.


White collar's college, don't have time to cook from vakitsizlik complaining about the choice of everyone who even go out to eat... Home/ Office delivery services are becoming increasingly popular so order for lunch; the restaurant/ café/ restaurant with a takeaway service also plans to increase their turnover operators

We're in a constant rush. We're trying to catch up to work, we're trying to catch up to “home”when we get out of work. We get hungry at this fast pace, but we don't even have time to eat! Then the first thing that comes to mind is to order food at the office/ home, that is to apply for takeaway.

Restaurant operators, on the other hand, aim to increase their turnover by commissioning takeaway services in an environment where competition is plentiful. What kind of path should be followed? What are the tricks of takeaway? We have prepared a gold-worth guide for the owners and operators of the venue.

Questions The Operator Must Answer

Is there a balance between the table, the takeaway, The Come-and-buy customer? What is the price expectation of the customer serving at the table? What are marketing channels? Has there been a review of competitors and territory? Can the return on investment be measured? Give clear answers to these questions and leave.

High quality and fast service

There is one thing that is as annoying as the wrong and incomplete delivery of an order, which is the late and cold delivery of the order! If you do not want to lose orders to another restaurant, you must first deliver the orders as soon as possible and “hot” to the address. Of course, the opposite of the orders that should come cold “boiled” as a minus points to come as the restaurant is written into your household... do not take orders from regions that exceed your capacity.

Smile and Confidence

Let's say the order arrived at the address just in time and in the “hot”time required. But what is that?! The service man delivered the order like he was throwing it, and it's gone! Here, one more minus... We need friendly and reliable service personnel. A smile, care, respect will make the flavor of the dish “starry.” And the service man is out in the open until he delivers the order, right? So if he's on a motorcycle, he's got to have a helmet. He should be careful with his clothes.

Packaging / Packaging Issue

The food was nice, reached “on time” address by the friendly service man, but again there is a problem! Over and over again wrapped, crushed, leaked packaging! And the package was opened, everything was scattered. Here we note the importance of packaging and presentation. The technology is extremely advanced; there are packaging tools/ containers that keep the food hot or cold, prevent it from dissipating, and allow the customer to reach his or her hand with a presentation almost as if it had been served at the table in the restaurant. Pay extra attention to hygiene. Also be sensitive in serving sizes. The customer should not encounter half the serving in the takeaway. It's the same price, right?

Importance Of Campaigns

You've followed the rules mentioned above, you've already won customers! In order to avoid losing them, you can find treats (such as salads/ appetizers/ desserts) and ensure that your customers do not give up on you through campaigns. Customer satisfaction built in takeaway gives businesses loyal customers. Your favorite food comes right up to your feet! Why would you choose another place? Keep a record of your loyal customers, don't skip their “usual” orders. Also, if there are new products added to the menu, you can promote them with various campaigns and discounts.

Don't forget to update the venue's website. Your contact information should always be correct. Your customers shouldn't be calling you for minutes. Besides your website and social media accounts, have brochures and refrigerator “magnets”prepared. Beware of environmental pollution alone! Having dozens of leaflets on the streets, in front of apartments, doesn't earn you plus points. You can also advertise to digital or print/ visual media according to your advertising budget.