The time to go somewhere and buy something is over.


Manufacturers started to offer many services to increase customer satisfaction in order to differentiate their products. 

The companies providing restaurant and restaurant services in the catering sector are seeking to increase their turnover by commissioning takeaway services.

At this point, instead of grappling with high rental costs and operating expenses in giant spaces, the number of companies that serve less risky, low investment cost must carry food has increased.

In this case, manufacturers began to pursue methods of increasing takeaway service turnover.

The method of increasing takeaway is hidden in the two questions at the bottom. here is the question of how to increase my takeaway orders and our answers to those questions.

Question 1: What do you do to turn existing customers into loyal customers ?

The steps we recommend to you in this regard are as follows:;

* Your customers should be able to access your phone, menu and price list in a convenient way. yemeksepeti.com if you are registered in the similar online ordering system, you have no problem with this step. However, if you receive an order over the phone, you must obtain a brochure or a web address that your customer can access to your menu.

* Speed, if you want your customer to call you again, make sure that your order is delivered within 30 minutes. If possible, try not to take orders from regions that exceed your capacity. As you develop your infrastructure, take care to develop your region.

* The service issue is one of the issues that customers complain about the most. Packaging that has been repeatedly wrapped, leaked and crushed is a problem. The quality of the package and the service equipment will undoubtedly affect your customer. Choose a container or packaging that is hygienic sealed, protected against external factors, leak-resistant and can maintain the heat of the food. In particular, food compliance certificates of these materials must be requested from the supplier. In this regard, a package.the packaging solutions offered by net may suit you. At this point you can reach the naturapack cardboard food containers from this linlten. (Click here) many businesses do not prefer to go into research at this point thinking that costs will increase. Remember, it would be a significant gain for you if your customer felt that they had been paid the price they had paid.

* Correct package content; in order not to disappoint your customer, we strongly recommend that you do not skip special requests for sauce, beverage, content and cooking. Remember that your customer who does not eat mayonnaise will not be able to consume a mayonnaise burger.

* Image, avoid any kind of risk that will leave a negative image on the corporate identity of your company, for example, the takeaway order delivery personnel do not exhibit negative movements in traffic, helmets etc.have taken all the security measures and all the staff to serve with clean and eye-pleasing clothes is very important.

Question 2: What do you do to find new customers ?

What you can do under this subject is limited by your imagination, but still we can recommend certain points deyinelim.

* Availability, let's say you have a pita salon and the customer did a little research by typing "order pita" on the web, was he able to find you? Or do you have one of the magnets he glued to the fridge? Or do you have a membership in the online food ordering site he always orders? It's time to start identifying your shortcomings at this point.

* Advertising, there are many media in this area, visual, written or on the internet immediately make yourself an annual advertising budget and choose the right time to advertise you will surely find a solution that suits your budget. At this point, creating ad content for your target audience and delivering the ad to that audience is one of the factors that will affect your success at this point.

How do I increase takeaway service in our article, How do I increase takeaway turnover, such as the answers to questions yoorumladık us. So what are your methods ? Don't forget to share your thoughts on this as a comment at the bottom.