The delivery service to the customer in a packaged way of the customer order is called the package service.


Why Is Takeaway Important ? 

With the increase of competition, Service to the customer has become important. Transportation service to the customer is one of the most important issues today. Since the beginning of the two thousand, Takeaway has started to develop in places such as restaurants with the birth of the food basket. As companies began to take their orders to the customer, competition in this area began to increase.

Today, the company does not serve its customers with takeaway service is quite few. When we think about the cost, your business has a capacity and the number of customers you can serve there is obvious. However, when the takeaway is done and when you reach good numbers, you can create the opportunity to make takeaway endorsements that you did not make in the business.

How About The Takeaway Process ?

• Receiving the order for the package ( the customer calls the business on the internet or by telephone and transmits the order.)

• Preparation of the package (the order received from the customer is made ready for packaging and the product is packaged.)

• Delivery of the package to the customer. (The ready order is delivered by the motor courier to the address specified by the customer.)

What Should Be Considered In The Package Service?

Takeaway is an item in which businesses can control and minimize their fixed expenses. Takeaway organization successful businesses number up to ten, fifteen takeaway employees. It is a service that needs attention for the continuity and development of the package service. The temperature of the package that reaches the customer, the fact that it is intact, the attitude of the takeaway element in the delivery is evaluated as a whole.

Delivery of takeaways quickly and properly is the most important issue. Even if the customer has ordered from you many times, he / she can immediately react to any other situation. This is why takeaway is a situation that needs to be paid more attention than the customers in the store.

Customer Satisfaction In Takeaway ?

As mentioned above, the package should be delivered to the customer properly.

 The most important issue here is the packaging products used in the package service. These are important and important issues to be considered if the products that go to the customer have gone properly as they were first prepared, are keeping their temperature, are standing in a hygienic manner.

If you need to talk about packaging products for takeaway, the products can be wrapped and packaged correctly with the wrapping paper used. If the products such as burrito are taken away in the takeaway, the use of the burrito box will allow the customer to keep the product going properly and keeping the temperature. Products such as wet wipes, catering kit, napkins are complementary products of takeaway.

In addition, there are products such as paper bags, plastic rustle bags that we have packaged and put in these products. These products also vary according to the preference and budget of the service company. The use of these packaging products in print and the importance of packaging makes the customer feel important. Giving importance to the packaging in the package service means giving importance to the customer.